What are the Hair Transplant Stages?

Although the logic of the stages in the operation does not change, the way it is done
varies according to the technique used.
If sapphire channel hair transplantation technique is used;
The hair follicles, which are analyzed in the computer environment before the
operation, are collected from the donor area one by one, without damaging the donor
area, with the FUE technique. Afterwards, the places where the roots taken via
sapphire tips (according to the number and quality, planning) will be placed are
prepared one by one. These prepared places are called ‘channels’, from which the
name of the sapphire channel technique comes from. After the preparation of the
places is finished, the collected roots are placed in the prepared places with special
apparatus called forceps, and the operation is completed in this way.
In the DHI choi-pen implanter hair transplantation technique, unlike the sapphire
canal hair transplantation technique, the preparation and placement of the grafts
takes place at the same time. Just like in the sapphire canal technique, the roots,
which are analyzed and determined in the computer environment before the
operation, are collected one by one with the FUE technique. Then, with the help of
special apparatus called choi-pen or implanter pen used in DHI hair transplantation
technique, both places are prepared and placed at the same time. This is where the
name of the DHI technique comes from. It stands for ‘direct hair implantation’.